18 September 2007

Welcome back to Montana

Yesterday (Monday, 17 September) we drove down into Gardiner to a shop that carry’s the yummiest huckleberry candles you’ll ever smell. They were closed of course, figures. Since we were down there we figured we’d drive into the park (Yellowstone National) and renew our pass. We used to have the Golden Eagle pass, but they replaced it with the Interagency Pass, or something like that.

We bought our new pass at the front gate (north entrance) and drove into the park. Not even 5 miles in we got to see one of the only animals we’ve never seen in the park before and we’ve been coming to Yellowstone every year for the last 4 years. That’s right a family of Bighorn Sheep. We’ve seen these guys in the Badlands, but never in Yellowstone. We sure got to see them this day. When we drove in they were all in the river. On our way out they had started to cross the street and go up the hill. It was really pretty cool.

We continued to drive in, figured we’d make a u-turn at Mammoth and head back home, it was dinnertime after all. But driving up to Mammoth paid off, we got to see a big bull Elk who had just sat down for a rest. The elk are in the Rut right now so you have to be very careful, this guy looking pretty worn out, all that mating I guess, and there weren’t any females with him. They get very defensive when they are with their harem.

All in all it was a very eventful, quick trip into the park. We are going to go in again today and actually drive the park. We’ll pack up a lunch and spend the day there.

It’s SO good to be back on the road.