23 November 2008

Mach II With My Hair on Fire!

I have no clue where the time goes. I just can't believe that I have completed one full year of school and that I still have one full year to go, mostly. I'm trying hard to graduate by Dec of 09 instead of May of 2010, but it will all depend on what they offer for summer classes this coming summer session. I'm also trying to add a minor in history, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not.
I have managed to maintain my 4.0, I just need to keep my head in the game for the next year or so. I did get good news that the Honors College is going to let me graduate with Crimson Scholar status, even though they just changed the rules that would have taken that away from me. Since I'm a transfer student and a bit of a rare case (isn't that the story of my life) they are going to make an exception for me. YAY! I get screwed out of $$ because of being a transfer student, but the powers that be have decided to cut me a break and not screw me out of the academic accolades. I've also put in my application for Lambda Alpha which is a National Honors Society for Anthropology (which is what I'm getting my BA in for those who don't know).

Ok, so I haven't posted pics on here in forever, so here are a couple from WAY back in June when Bill and I went to Silver City, the Gila Cliff Dwellings, and the Cat Walk. Silver City was a let down. I had heard so much about how cool Silver City is that I was really expecting it be a lot more than it was. The Gila Cliff Dwellings were COOL and I would highly recommend a trip out to them. Also, at the end of the trail as you're coming back down from the dwellings there are two trees (see pic) one on each side of the trail. These are, I believe, lodgepole pine...or maybe pinon pine, I can't remember. Anyway, one was struck by lighting and the other wasn't. When you get your nose right up in the bark the one that was struck by lighting smells like vanilla, while the other still just smells like a pine tree. It's REALLY cool.

We also did the Cat Walk and I thought I had pics from that but can't find them now, so too bad. Well, that's about all I have for now...I'm sure it will be another 6 months to a year before I get a chance to blog again. Stay tuned.

15 February 2008


OK... Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bill, the ugly guy with the sunglasses in the pictures with Kari. I have taken over the blogging responsibilities in our home until she has more time to catch you all up on her own.

To say that Kari has been busy would be an understatement, but it is the best description I can manage at my current level of intellectual output. You see, I rake gravel for a living. That can be another post.

As Kari mentioned in her previous post, we were only supposed to be here for a short while - through 1 April.

Well... THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED... Kari had the opportunity to continue her education here in Las Cruces and to finish her Bachelor's Degree at New Mexico State University for a fraction of the cost it would have cost us in Oregon. So - we will be here until April, alright - APRIL OF 2010!!! Actually, May of 2010. Kari is majoring in Anthropology & Sociology with a Minor in Native American Studies. So far, so good. She seems to be enjoying her time at NMSU, and she is doing well in all of her classes. Kari is now an "Aggie", and she is happy. A happy Kari makes for a happy Bill, so Bill is happy.

Kari has also had a change at her work. You may recall that she was working part time at a "Curves for Women" fitness center in Las Cruces, right down the street from our RV Park.

Well... THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED... After a short while as a part timer, Kari was asked to work full time - and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Manager. She is also the lead trainer for a new line of computerized fitness equipment at all 3 stores in her Curves franchise chain. So - Kari is busy. Right. Busy like a tornado. But Kari is always at her best when she is busy. A happy Kari makes for a happy Bill, so Bill is happy.

So - here we sit, and here we will stay. In sunny Las Cruces. Enjoying the warm desert sun and gentle borderland breeze, right?

WRONG! THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED... As I write this (15 FEB 08), Las Cruces is under a severe winter weather advisory and HEAVY SNOW WARNING! No kidding. The weather when we first arrived was great, and remained that way through November. After winter arrived, it got comfy on the sofa and decided it would stick around for a while.

OK... I know - WAH, WAH, WAH, and... WE DON'T KNOW WINTER. The weather "back home" which has pummeled our family and friends in Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon has been FAR worse. But WE CAME HERE TO BE WARM! You people stay in the bad weather by choice! We left in search of sunny skies and warmer climates.

Winds here in Las Cruces have been clocked as high as 65 MPH, but gusts average 40, with sustained winds around 15-20MPH in the winter. In Oregon, we were beaten by the rain and blowing sand on the Pacific Coast. Here, we just get sand blasted in dust storms that - no kidding - limit visibility to less than 500 feet at times. The gusts right now are 30 MPH, but the temp is 53. The Land of Enchantment. Right.

When things are not so crazy, Kari and I still enjoy frequent visits to SONIC for Cherry Lime-Aids during "Half-Price Happy Hour", we still enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the stars shine clear and bright in the night sky. Life is very busy, though, so our chances to enjoy these things TOGETHER are rare.

When these rare times come for us - when everything around us, including time, stands still - life is good. Our time together remains the focal point of our existence. For that, Bill is happy. I have my wife, my home, my truck, and my freedom. For that, Bill is happy. A happy Bill Makes for a Happy Kari. Life is good.

Yup - Life is good, and - yes, life is crazy... but I would not trade it for any other life I know of. That "TRUTH" will never change.

See you next time - maybe even with some photos?