17 September 2007

Starting From Scratch

So I was going to go through and post images from our time in Florence, OR but I’m losing patience with that. I can’t find some of the pictures I wanted to post and I so don’t have the patience to hunt through the 20-50 discs of images that we’ve collected. I’ve made the executive decision to start from scratch.

This is a new adventure for us, with a new house (RV), and a new way of doing things. So we’ll start over.

We left Florence on the 12th of September and stayed in Portland for a few days to get our bearings and see the guys. While in Portland, Bill and I finally made it to Voodoo Doughnut. This place has been featured on a couple of different travel shows and has become a bit of a Portland Icon. They used to only be open from like 8pm till 6am or something like that for the late-night crowd. Since being featured on TV they have changed that to being open 24/7. I guess that’s the price of fame.

I’ve had doughnuts at Krispy Kreme’s across the country, we’ve even made the drive to Austin, TX (we were in the area already) for Round Rock Donuts. As far as doughnuts go, Voodoo wins just because they are unique. Yes, they do normal doughnuts, but they also get a little bizarre and even they’re normal doughnuts are better than some places. If you’re in PDX and craving a doughnut, check them out.

We departed PDX on Saturday morning and drove through to Spokane, WA. Spent one overnight in Spokane and from there drove into Montana on Sunday. We will be here in our favorite place in MT until Wednesday morning then start the trek south. I’ll be posting as we go. We will be stopping and staying in places we’ve never been before so that will be exciting. I’ve started carrying our ‘little’ camera with me in my purse so we don’t have to have moments of “that’s totally awesome, wish we remembered the cameras”. Our little camera is a Cybershot 7 or 8 megapixels (can’t remember).

Since I don’t have any ‘new pictures to post here, here are a couple of the ‘new’ house. These aren’t shots of our actual house, but pictures that Bill snatched off the internet of an RV that is the same make and model (mostly) as ours. These pictures are also the same interior colors as ours.

That’s it for now, stay tuned, there WILL be more coming soon.

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