21 September 2007

Montana to Utah

The day before we left Montana we woke up to cooler temperatures and snow on the mountain peaks, we figured it was good that we were leaving the next day since we are currently living in a lightweight travel trailer that I’m pretty sure wasn’t designed to handle snow, let alone Montana snow. This picture doesn't do it justice, I snapped this out of the truck window going 75 mph.

We departed Montana around 8am on the 19th and drove through Yellowstone National Park. As we drove through the park I snapped some photos with our little camera while we were moving. I’m pleasantly surprised by how well this camera did on the move. The image with all the steam and the fence, I don't know if you can see him, but there is a man in the steam surveying the ground. I only snapped a few to have to post here, we’ve been to Yellowstone for the last 4 years and I have many other photos posted on this blog in other months and years. Look them up in the June/July time frames for the past years and you’ll get to see many other photos of the park.

We were also treated to a parade on the way out. We were number 3 in the parade line behind a 5-wheel that was being led by a buffalo. It slowed us down a bit, but was pretty cool to get these pictures. These animals are huge and the only

thing that goes through my mind as we drive past them this close and that slowly is, “please don’t let this be a ‘when animals attack’ moment." Even sitting in our truck, which sits pretty high, you feel small when you pass by these guys.

After the parade, we made it out of Yellowstone without incident. We drove past a ‘wildlife jam’ that was for a pair of Bald Eagles sitting in the trees, they were too far away to shoot and we were towing so it wasn’t convenient to stop.

We were going to stop for the night in Pocatello, ID, but made really good time and decided to push through. I snapped a couple of pictures (going 60+ mph) of some of the fall color we were seeing as we drove. The patches of fall color that were set against the dark green of the evergreens was incredible, but it was also too far away for my little camera to get. This was our first time through this part of Idaho, before we always drove through Couer d’Alene. It was a pretty drive for the most part. Idaho Falls looks really uneventful, but Pocatello looked like a cute place. That’s about all I have to say for our time (a few hours drive) through Idaho.

Into Utah, northern Utah is a dump. I’ve never seen so much pollution and they have a very unique color of pollution. Mostly I’ve seen pollution be grey, brown, and various shades and mixes of grey and brown. Northern Utah has baby-diaper-yellow pollution, it’s really disgusting. I had to pop Sudafed like it was candy and I was still sneezing every 5 minutes and couldn’t really breathe. I tried taking pictures of it, but my camera just couldn’t understand that color so it washed it out. The entire expanse of northern and central Utah is really disappointing, and likely a drive we won’t do again. I’d rather drive through Cali and LA than go back through northern and central Utah. Having said that, southern Utah is beautiful. We are currently in Cedar City (just arrived yesterday) and are looking forward to visiting Bryce and Zion National Parks. The air here is clean, the sky is blue, today it’s going to be 80degrees, and I’m a happy woman.

Well, I gotta go, we are going to go into one of the parks today and I need to get ready.

More pictures coming soon.

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