13 January 2007

Update from the Road #2

Ok…I’m losing track of my days, but I’ll try my best. We left Beaumont, TX and drove through Houston and San Antonio and stopped in Junction, TX on Tuesday night. It was a long drive but certainly not the longest we’ve done on this trip.

Wednesday we drove to Deming, NM. Thursday we pushed through to Phoenix and stayed with my family there for a night. Friday was a LONG day; we drove from Phoenix, AZ all the way to Westley, CA (about 2-3 hours north of LA). It was a 12-½ hour drive but we made it safe and sound. We hit a bit of hail and sleet in the Mohave Desert, and LA is of course always a nightmare, but we did it.

This morning we will be heading out and stopping somewhere in Northern Cali, we could push all the way home today, but I don’t know that I’m up for another day like yesterday. So, we’ll be in Northern California today and back in the big OR Sunday.

We are both very excited to get home, Bill is anxious to get his license renewed so he can drive again. He’s doing really well with me behind the wheel, but he would still like to drive if he could.

So, push on, we’ll be home soon.