15 January 2007

Home Again, Home Again

We are back in Oregon! We left Westley, CA and made it to Eureka Saturday night, stayed just north of Eureka and pushed through to Coos Bay, OR on Sunday. It’s very cold and very weird to see snow on the coast. The roads where icy and nasty but we made it.

We are safe and sound on the southern Oregon coast. Bill and I spent all day today finding and securing a house here on the Southern Oregon coast and are looking forward to making it our home. That will take more time and energy than you might think, we are starting from scratch. We have no bedroom furniture, no living room furniture (other than the entertainment center that the guys still have), no pot, pans, dishes, or towels. We are seriously starting over, but we’ll figure it out and we’ll enjoy putting our house together slowly but surely. It’s funny how you take all the little stuff for granted until you don’t have it anymore. Probably one of the first things we’ll buy will be a coffee pot, we left our in our RV when we sold it cause there was just no room in the truck for it.

I’ll post our progress as we put together our house, maybe even some pictures of it once we get some stuff settled. Tomorrow we’ll buy dishes and an air mattress to get us by until we can get a real bed.

It’s like camping…but not. Seriously, it will be fun.