08 January 2007

Update From the Road

Ok…We left Myrtle Beach, SC on Sunday afternoon just after 2pm EST. We drove for about 8 hours and stopped in a little town (not much bigger than a truck stop…with cows) in Florida about an hour east of Tallahassee. We pulled in late, had dinner at the Denny’s next door, and then went to bed. Got up in the morning watched the weather channel, had breakfast and hit the road.

We drove today (Monday) for 10 ½ hours and are now in Beaumont, TX. I’m glad to say that I’m holding up very well behind the wheel and Bill is doing an exceptional job of navigating and trying to help and not be a backseat driver. I’m also glad to say that we have missed most of the bad weather. Not leaving until Sunday helped us out a lot, it let a few big systems pass by before we hit the road. Today was sunshine and blue skies, yesterday we hit a couple patches of rain but they only lasted a couple minutes and we were through them. Smooth sailing so far (knock on wood).

Tonight will be mellow, we have the National Championship on the TV and are getting ready to eat dinner and then watch the game, go to bed. Up early in the AM and back on the road. Where will we end up? We’ll have to wait and see, certainly somewhere in Texas, its like 900 miles wide, that’s hard to do in one day.

That’s the update for now. We are well, we are alive, and we are making better time than we thought we would.