10 September 2006

Shore Acres State Park Part 2

August 30th took us back to Shore Acres State Park. We walked the trail that took us out to the Cape Arago Lighthouse again. After walking out to the lighthouse, we followed the trail back to Shore Acres State Park and the formal gardens.

On a previous trip, before these particular dahlias started to bloom, Bill noticed a kind of dahlia they have in the formal gardens named ‘Kari’s Fruit Salad’. So every time we went back to Shore Acres we had to check in and see how my fruit salad was doing.

Other than that, this day was just about getting a 4-mile walk in and checking out the flowers. Bill also got a shot of a bumblebee when I asked him to shoot this rose. I like this picture a lot.

We moved back up to Portland on the 8th, but I still have at least one more post from our time on the coast. We drove up to Mount Rainier yesterday and I’ll be posting about that as well.

More coming soon.