04 September 2006

Cape Perpetua

Bill and I drove out to Cape Perpetua on August 26th. We have driven past it many times and tried to stop last year but the visitor center was closed for the season. It was a really nice day even though it was a bit windy. We walked a couple of the trails; one that took us down to a blowhole in the rock that at the right time during the tide will blow like a whale. We weren’t there at the right time, but we did get to see it fizz a little bit. We don’t have any pictures of it ‘steaming’ (it looked like steam, but was just mist shooting up through the blow-hole). As I mentioned before, the day was pretty windy, not odd for the southern Oregon coast, but still a beautiful day to walk some of the trails.

The views from the trails are, of course, incredible. The southern Oregon coast is one of our favorite places and somewhere we will likely return to often. They aren’t kidding when they say, “It’s where the trees meet the sea”, it’s really hard to take crappy pictures of this area.

We enjoyed walking the trails of Cape Perpetua and hope to get back to walk some more of them, they have inland hikes that I think would be fun to try. We walked the one that takes you to the blowhole and the one to Devil’s Churn. This again is something we had driven past multiple times saying “we should really go there someday” and this was the day. Bill sat and tried to capture the water crashing on the rocks, he got a few good pictures, but mostly the water was waiting till the camera was off to be the most active, figures.

That’s about it for our Cape Perpetua adventure, we liked it a lot and we’re looking forward to returning for more of the trails. Other than that, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Tune in next time for Shore Acres.