31 August 2006

Cape Blanco and a Sunset

The 24th of August Bill and I drove down to Port Orford to visit the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. When we went there last year the visitor center and the road to the lighthouse were both closed for the season. This year we drove all the way out to the lighthouse, saw the visitor’s center and took pictures of the lighthouse close up. The only reason we didn’t take the tour is that I had strained my calf muscle on the New Carissa hike and it still hurt like hell. We do intend to return to Port Orford and the Cape Blanco Lighthouse before their season ends on October 31, hopefully we’ll make it and be able to take the tour.

It was windy of course but always a beautiful view. We walked around the lighthouse grounds for a bit and then took off. We got back into town later in the afternoon and decided to check out one of our favorite haunts for beach combing. It was approaching sunset and the tide was out and Bill had the opportunity to snap a couple of really beautiful sunset pictures. We tried to do some beachcombing but with the sun setting and casting shadows everywhere it was really hard. Instead we mostly just enjoyed the sunset. With the sun setting it made the algae that washed up a few day before look really green. Ok, so it’s always really green, but in the setting sun it looked like it was glowing. This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s close.

I know this a pretty short blog, but I have several more coming so don’t worry. Our next blog will be about our Cape Perpetua adventure.