12 May 2006

Wild Kingdom...Sort Of

Ok...just want to post a quick note about what's new. We are still in the Pittsburgh area, been busy visiting with Bill's friends and family, and generally hanging out. The day before yesterday it was 80 degrees and beautiful so we sat out in the sun for like 4 hours. Bill in his fold out chair and me in my fold out hammock, it was awesome. Yesterday it dumped like an inch of rain on us, I'm not sure what today is supposed to be like. Anyway, the sunny day also brought out the wild turkeys...I kid you not! The park we are staying at is bordered by a wetlands wildlife preserve so we get a lot of waterfowl and stuff, but this park is home to a pair of turkeys. I'm not sure if the owner of the park bought them to eventually eat, or what the deal is...they were here last year and they're here this year. Last year they stayed up in the top portion of the park near the main building, this year they are more adventurous and have started making rounds in the lower field...where we stay.

Let me tell you that these are huge birds, they are easily 20+ pounders, and the male is very protective of the female...he like to puff up alot. On the 80 degree day they decided that the shade that our slide (the part of our RV that slides out to make it bigger inside) was providing was the place to be. We had all our windows open and anytime we made any noise the turkeys gobbled...it was pretty funny.

Yesterday before all the rain hit they were patrolling our neighbor and even hopped up on their picnic table to eat whatever was up there...if you've never seen a turkey try to fly, it's hillarious. They sort of flapped their wings and hopped to get to the table and back down. Totally not graceful birds at all!

In addition to the turkeys, we had a flock (about 9-12) canadian geese wandering through the park yesterday. We also regularly see (but mostly hear) the chickens and roosters on the property. Not to mention the blue herons, robins, finches, etc,etc.

Just wanted to post about the wildlife...we also have bunnies. I took pictures of the geese yesterday, and am hoping to get pics of the turkeys, we'll have to see. I'll post the pics soon even if I don't get the turkeys.

That's all for now.