16 May 2006

Wild Kingdom Pictures

Ok...so here are the pics of the wildlife. We couldn't figure out why the geese where so defensive this day, they kept charging each other. Even though there were about 9-12 of them they seemed to wander in groups of three. Then we drove out of the park to run some errands and saw why they were so defensive....they have babies, these are breading pairs whose chicks have just hatched. We saw two seperate pairs of parents with little cottonball fluffs on legs. It was too cute. The images of the turkeys and the roosters are from far away, I zoomed in as far as I could then cropped them out of the picture. The lines through the turkey pics are power lines. The turkeys are sitting up on the hill by the main building easily a couple hundred yards away from us.

Anyway, just wanted to share the images of our wild birds.