04 May 2006

Here We Go Steelers...

April 29th, NFL Draft Day, and Steeler Fan Blitz, what a blast we had at this event. There were several thousand people that showed up for Fan Blitz, anywhere from 7,000-10,000 people depending on who was reporting about it. I know that we (Bill and I) were helping to man the PEFL (Pittsburgh Electric Football League) table for over 8 hours and I didn’t sit down for more than 30min the entire day. Bill’s best friend founded PEFL and he was incredibly excited to have Bill (and me, but mostly Bill) there with him for this year’s Fan Blitz.

Here’s a pic of me that Bill took during our lunch break. I’m standing facing the tunnel that the Steeler’s come through with my back to the field. There was a pic of me standing in the tunnel, but I didn’t know Bill was taking my pic and it’s kind of lame, so I picked this one instead.

What a day, Bill played electric football for 8 hours straight minus a 30min lunch break and a 5min bathroom break. He had kids hangin on his every word as he explained the game of football and electric football. He constantly had at least two rows deep of kids waiting to play EF with him, and he took the time to explain the game to them.

It really was the most fun to watch the kids getting excited about something other than video games or what I like to call video-nanny, it wasn’t just the kids, but their parents who would come up and say “hey, I remember this game, I had one when I was kid” and they would get even more excited when they found out that the game still exists and is sold by Miggle Toys.

It was such a fun time to watch the kids (of all ages and sizes) having fun. Oh, and we got to see the Superbowl Trophy, but they had it on a black background…really probably the worst way to try to photograph something that is solid silver and reflects whatever is around it. No matter how high powered your flash…it’s going to look black.

We had a blast and it’s all thanks to Bill best friend who has spent the last 5 years working his way into the heart’s of the Steeler Organization via Electric Football.