10 January 2006

The Terrible Tannenbaum

Normally after the National Championship, our Christmas tree comes down. This year, for whatever reason, Bill and I were lazy and it didn’t get taken down. The Steeler’s played and won on Sunday and Bill had draped his Terrible Towel along the base of our Tree. Since the Steeler’s won, that now has mojo and can’t be taken down. Instead the Christmas tree has now been dubbed the ‘Terrible Tannenbaum’ and will stand until the Steeler’s are done with their season.

This was just too funny not to share! The Steeler’s have a tough game coming up, they are going to Indianapolis to play the Colts, this has been a tough team for everyone, but the Steeler’s seem to have a blind spot when it comes to beating the Colts. So, everyone out there…keep the Terrible Tannenbaum in your thoughts this coming Sunday as the Steeler’s take on the Colt’s. Go Stillers!