07 January 2006


So my sister told me that if we ever had the chance while in southern AZ that we had to visit Bisbee. That is was a cool, funky little mining town.

Yesterday we didn’t have much to do so we hoped in the truck and headed to Bisbee. My sister was right; Bisbee is a cool, funky little mining town. We didn’t take any pics, but just walked all over town checking out the shops and whatnot. http://www.bisbeearizona.com/

If you get the chance to check it out, do…it’s kind of cool. We also found the best place to eat in Bisbee, the Bisbee Grille! They have awesome food, you won’t be disappointed. So in our walking tour of Bisbee, we bought some Killer Bee Honey Butter (yum), and some handmade chocolates. Other than that we just tooled around town and enjoyed the walk. One of the funkiest things about Bisbee is the way the houses are built on the hills. Most of the houses that are on the hills don’t have roads that go up to them, you park at the bottom then climb the steps (sometimes 100s of them) to your house. Everything just seems to be kind of hap-hazardly placed on the hills with no particular rhyme or reason, then a staircase built to get to it. You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about a gym membership if you lived there.

After our day in Bisbee, Bill drove me across the Mexican Border into Naco so I could say I’ve been in Mexico, I’m not in a hurry to go back, at least not to Naco! The border check point was really confusing and we got turned around and had to ask a border guy where we were supposed to go, finally got across the border and drove about 5 blocks in, turned around, came back out and of course got razzed by the border patrol for getting lost in their labyrinth and only being in Mexico for less than 5 min. Again, it was just a novelty kind of thing since we were so close to the border and I’d never been over it.

On our way home we stopped in Tombstone for an ice cream. I like being able to just stop somewhere as cool as Tombstone...just to have an ice cream on the way home.

That’s about it for now. We left southern AZ this morning and are now in the Phoenix area to visit some family for a few days, then we’ll head back down to Southern AZ for a bit before heading into New Mexico.