15 September 2005

Roswell 2

Ok…so here are some pics from the city zoo/park that I talked about in Roswell. I think it’s very cool that the taxpayers pay this for. It was very cool to see that there is somewhere for people to take their kids, it’s open everyday during the summer than only on the weekends during the school year. By open I mean that the train runs (they have a train that goes around the park for the kids) and the Merry-go-round and concessions are open. The park itself and the animals in it are viewable all the time. It just blew Bill and I away. They even have a fishing lake (really a large pond) that they stock year round and it's free to fish in as long as you follow New Mexico’s fish and wildlife rules.

At the zoo we saw Peacocks just running around, and one that was all white. I’ve never seen an albino Peacock before, so I made Bill take a picture. They also have a pair of Bald Eagles that were injured and can’t be released back into the wild , it was especially cool that every time we walked up to the cage they ‘sang’ for us, they didn’t do that for everyone that walked up, but they did it every time we did. The park also has bears and cougars and monkeys, and all sorts of things. It’s a really neat place.

Monday the 12th we drove out to Bottomless Lakes State Park (http://www.newmexico.org/place/loc/parks/page/DB-place/place/526.html). This is a really cool place. There is water underground that has worn away at the rock, and then giant sinkholes drop down to form these lakes. Our pictures really don’t do it justice. These lakes are anywhere from a few feet at the edges up to 90 feet deep. We had a good time walking and driving all over the park; it was a beautiful day, and a beautiful place to spend the day. Here is a pic of me standing at the edge of one of the lakes, the only one with a swimming area, me and my Cherry Limeade Slushy from Sonic. I saw turtles and fish in the lake, lots of fish. It really is a gorgeous place.

Well, that’s it for that bit. I still have to post about the Petroglyphs, but that will have to wait until tomorrow…or something.