14 September 2005


Wednesday the 8th, Bill and I went to the UFO Museum in downtown Roswell. It was a pretty cool little place. It’s free to get into, owned and operated by the taxpayer of Roswell, and donations. It’s housed in an old movie theatre. It has some interesting information in it for those who are interested and willing to read as well as some funny stuff that is sure to make you giggle. All in all it’s a neat little place, in a neat little town.

Everywhere you look in Roswell (at least on the main streets) has alien something in it. Most of the shops along the stretch where the museum is cater to the alien fascination. It’s really a fun little place.

Saturday found us relaxing mostly. We watched the local Boys and Girls club Peewee football on Saturday morning…what a blast! The group we watched were the 6-8 olds, full contact, not flag. It’s so cute to watch these guys run around in pads and helmets that rattle on them. One little guy had to have his coach tie his shoe because he couldn’t bend over without toppling. It was really awesome to see the little guys out there, running around, having a blast. It was also great to see how many parents where there and into it. For those of you who know what we went through with the guys and football in Salem, you’ll understand what that means. The coaches were actually coaching the kids to be aggressive, teaching them how to really play the game, and none of it came across as cruel. The kids where loving it, the parents were loving it, and the coaches did an awesome job. I think we will probably find Peewee everywhere we go, and next time we’ll take the cameras, because it’s just too great to miss.

After that we went to a park that is just about a mile or two from where we are staying. This park is amazing because it’s also a zoo and completely free to get into, it even has a fishing pond that they stock. I’ll have to post the pics of that in the next post, our internet is currently down at the park we are staying so we have to drive into town and find a hotspot. I’ll be posting again soon (hopefully) about the city park/zoo and about our trip out to Bottomless Lakes State Park.

Hugs for now~

PS - we never got our internet connection back, but are now at another park, in another city...I'll post the rest of Roswell and other stuff soon. Playing catch up...again!