16 September 2005

Final Roswell...

Tuesday the 13th, Bill and I drove out to Three Rivers, NM to go to the Petroglyph Recreation Site. http://www.desertusa.com/mag98/mar/poi/du_3rivers.html This was a great place. There was a trail you could walk down to view where they had found and reconstructed some remains of ancient dwellings and along the path were descriptions of the surrounding vegetation and what it was used for. Then there was a half-mile walking trail along a ridge to view the various petroglyphs. These carvings are from thousands of years ago, it’s really something to wander through the trail and know that these have been here for so long. One interesting thing that happened while we were there was that every few minutes for about 15-20min, a Stealth Fighters flew overhead. I thought it interesting that while we were wandering through this ancient place that some of our most advance technology was flying over us. We didn’t get pictures of the Stealth, it was too far up. It’s really impressive to see in the sky though…looks like something out of a Batman movie.

The surrounding is really pretty. The day we were there it was probably in the 90s although there was a nice breeze and it didn’t really seem all that hot. It was pretty breath taking to stand on that ridge surrounded by these ancient carving and look out at the beauty that was all around us.

Well, that wraps up Roswell. We packed up and left on Wednesday morning and arrived in Carlsbad a couple of hours later. Carlsbad as a city is not very impressive so far, there are things around here (within an hour or so drive) that make it nice, but the city itself isn’t that impressive. We went to the caverns yesterday, and I’ll be posting about that once I get through the pictures that Bill took.