23 September 2006

Final Shore Acres

Ok…here is the last Oregon Coast blog. On September 1st, Bill and I returned once again to Shore Acres State Park to walk the trails. These really are beautiful trails and we thoroughly enjoyed walking them, with the exception of the pack trail. I can’t remember which day it was that we decided to hike the pack trail, but what a hike it was. There was no information that we found that mentioned the difficulty of this trail. They really should post that it’s a bear of a hike. It’s a trail that is supposed to go by WWII bunkers, I never saw them, but then my eyes were mostly on the trial ahead, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other and telling myself it couldn’t last forever. What made it worse was the fact that it was a wet day and the trail wasn’t well improved in spots. There were points in the trail that it was very steep and slick with wet leaves and mud. More than once I wasn’t sure I was going to stay on my feet. But I made it, I can say I did it, and that I will likely never do it again.

Of course, at the end of our hike we stopped back through the formal garden to check on my Fruit Salad. It was fun to check back on the progress of their growth. If we ever live stationary again, I’ll look into getting some of these for my garden, but I don’t think we’ll ever live in a stick-house again unless we absolutely have to. We are really enjoying the mobile lifestyle.

September 2nd took us out to Winchester Bay for their festival. The festival itself was small and kind of lame. We walked it in about 5 minutes. The highlight for me was buying a pear scented lotion that was made by a local lady. I like to support local arts and crafts since I am myself a local artisan. For those who don’t know, check me out at Wound Around, and feel free to tell all your friends. We didn’t take any pictures of the festival itself, there wasn’t much there that was photo worthy, but we did snap a couple of picture of this flower garden at the marina.

Well, that wraps up our month on the Oregon Coast. My next post will be about Mount Rainier.

We are currently in Arizona, but I’ll tell that tale in the next post.


PS - Just kidding, we aren't in Arizona anymore, were only there for a couple days before he had to head to PA. I may or may not share why, we'll have to see.