25 June 2006

Quick Update

Just wanted to post a quick update, there really isn’t much new and exciting. We are really glad to be in Montana and are enjoying our stay so far. Mostly we’ve been cleaning up and catching up, with some bike riding thrown in now and again.

This picture is one that Bill found online and put the arrow on it to show where we are in the park, it’s a beautiful place and you can see the Yellowstone River from our back window. The grassy area on the side nearest the road is perfect for me to do Tai Chi in and I’ve been taking advantage of that.

We’ve gone out a couple of times at night to check out the stars and compare them to the little star chart I bought at Devil’s Tower, but we need to go out later at night. The night sky is still light at almost 11pm at night. The problem with going out later is the automatic sprinkler system here comes on at about 11pm, we’ll have to see if we can time it right and catch it after they turn off, but that will mean staying up later than we usually do. We’ll see what happens.

Speaking of sprinkler systems. Yesterday we rode our bikes to a gas station about 4miles down the road, and saw that they were having a car wash to raise money for the local ball-field to install a sprinkler system. They had between 10-15 kids out there ranging in age from about 5 to about 13 washing cars and having a bake sale. So we rode our bikes back to our park, got the truck and went back to have them wash it. Bill recruited about 5 guys to wash the truck and showed them exactly how he wanted it done. In addition we bought some stuff at the bake sale and gave it to them when they were done with the truck, it was hot and they were all worn out so we figured they could use a pick-me-up. They did a pretty good job on the truck, but really it wasn’t about that, it was about them earning money to improve their ball-field. I snapped this picture with my phone because it was just too funny not to capture. It’s Bill holding the littlest of our washers to get the bed cover cleaned.

That’s about it so far, we’ve just been enjoying being here and taking it easy.