22 June 2006

Home Sweet Home

Monday the 19th we moved from Devil’s Tower to Montana, about 30+miles north of Yellowstone National Park. All was going well until we drove into the thunderstorm. Nothing bad happened with that, lot’s of rain, a little hail, but we arrived just fine. We’ve set down in the rain before, so whatever.

The problem was when we got here our reservation that we made two months ago wasn’t right. When I made our reservation I was pretty specific about needing a spot big enough to put a tent on as we were having family come out to visit us in while we were here, the park we are staying at had done away with their tent sites because of some problems they’ve had with tent campers in the past. I can understand that, but the owner told me that they would let us put a tent up as long as it wasn’t on the grass and that it fit in our site.

Based on the conversation I had with the owner I was under the impression they were going to put us in a back in on the river (the ‘full-timers’ area) and that would give us privacy as well as afford us the opportunity to have a tent. However, when we got here, in the middle of a thunderstorm, they had us in a spot over in the over-nighter area and wasn’t even big enough for our trailer and our truck. On top of that the owner wasn’t here at the time and wouldn’t be back until 6pm (we pulled in about 4pm).

So we set down in the spot they had marked for us so that Bill could go get gad since we pulled in with our Low Fuel light on. While he was getting fuel, I was calling all the parks in the area to see if anyone could accommodate us for the duration we needed with the specifications we needed. I called about 7-10 different parks and none of them could handle what we needed on such short notice.

Our next option was to scrap Montana all together, call everyone and tell them to wave off, and head south. This never had to happen as the owner fixed everything once she got here. She is totally awesome and took such great care of us. After that episode and the owner being totally cool, we tried to set down in our spot. I say tried because since we were having a ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’ kind of day, we had something happen that has never happened before.

We have been full timing for a year now and those who have read this blog know just how often we move. We move A LOT!! So setting down and setting up is not new to us, we’re pretty good at it. We did everything we normally do, in all the same ways we normally do it. But when we went to take the trailer off the hitch the whole thing rolled forward and almost nose-dived into the ground…that’s BAD. We quickly got it back on the truck hitch (had to pull the truck forward to do it, that’s how much our trailer pitched forward, this while having the tires chalked) and backed it back up onto the leveling blocks and started over. It was so weird. Anyway, we finally got set down and relatively steady, although we aren’t as steady as we usually are, and both us were just waiting for the day to be over.

The following day was a much better one; we figured it had to go up from there. We ran some errands and then drove into the park. It was really nice to be back in Yellowstone and this day totally had the ‘Welcome Home’ feel to it. As we were getting ready to leave the park another rainstorm rolled in and created the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was a full rainbow and was so bright that it left spots in my vision, like looking into the sun. We of course didn’t have the cameras, the coolest stuff happens when we don’t have the cameras. I snapped a shot of it with my phone, but of course my phone-camera sucks. Here is the picture anyway. It also didn’t pick up the second, more faint rainbow above the really vibrant one. It was a full, double rainbow. You could see where they both started and where they both stopped, full 180 degrees. It was so amazing. Bill and I just sat in the truck and watched for like 5 minutes or so. We figured that was our Welcome Home from Yellowstone.

That’s it for this one. We will be in Montana for a month or two and I will post regularly as cool stuff happens as it’s bound to.