25 January 2006

Rattlesnake Ranch

On Thursday the 19th of January we drove out towards Gleeson, AZ to visit Rattlesnake Crafts and Gifts, as seen on NBC’s Today Show. This is an interesting place, I never saw the show about it, but they have “As Seen on NBC’s Today Show” painted on a wood plank as you drive in. This place is literally out in the middle of nowhere; the only things you see on the horizon are the desert, some hills and the occasional power cables. You drive about 11.5 miles of dirt road mostly unimproved, which I’ll tell you is no fun when you have to pee….and there are no restrooms at Rattlesnake Ranch, so you get to drive 15 miles back to Tombstone 11.5 of which is bumpy dirt road.

I’m not positive about the story behind this place, but rumor has it, the people who live here moved from LA, sick of the city and city life, they moved out to the middle of nowhere, between Tombstone and Gleeson, to live a more quiet life. However, let me tell you…when the wind is blowing this place really isn’t quiet. Hearing all that metal clink together and knowing that it’s mostly old knives, axes, and sickles, the movie line from Twister pops into my head, “Who are these people?”

There was no shortage of character and humor either. I particularly liked the sign that read: “Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women.” We didn’t a pick of that, but I likely won’t forget it. Bill did take a pic of another funny sign seen here. There was really no way to take pictures of all the stuff they have there. It’s not a particularly large place, but the stuff they have is amazing. I’m sure we could go back time and time again and discover new things every time. They do also have rattlesnake stuff. They have a little trailer set up next to some of this stuff that is packed with items that are made out of rattlesnake skin, or teeth, or vertebrae, you can buy this stuff for reasonable prices if it strikes your fancy, my fancy was not struck that day and my house is still a rattlesnake free zone.

It’s an interesting place with it’s own brand of quirky charm, just be sure to use the restroom in Tombstone before driving out there. To get there you driving on the main street through Tombstone, follow the signs to Gleeson, then follow the wooden signs to Rattlesnake Crafts and Gifts, and when you think you are almost there…your wrong…keep going!