28 December 2005

Run Away....Run Away....

So we drove from Northern Cali to about an hour south of the San Francisco on the 26th of December. We stayed overnight in Gilroy, CA (Garlic capitol of the world, or something), weren’t really impressed with the park we stayed at, all the other parks were WAY our of our price range. We decided that California was way too expensive, way too crowded, and the air quality is horrible. So we left Gilroy, CA the morning of the 27th, just before 8am. We drove for 14 hours straight and arrived in Southern Arizona at about midnight the 27th/28th. It was a horrible drive since we were doing it during the day and hit traffic in LA. Bill and I have mutually agreed that anytime we have to rive through California to get to somewhere else we will do it in the middle of the night and just prepare ourselves for a long drive. Neither one of us has any really desire to return to California to stay…too expensive, too much of a pain, and the people/driver’s are just too rude.

A note about Gilroy…that place stinks! It’s not just the garlic. But the garlic smell combined with the cow pasture smell…well…use your imagination. When we first pulled in and set down for the night I smelled something that smelled just like our black tank (sewage) when we are flushing the tanks. I thought maybe it was leaking or something bad had happened to the tanks while we were driving…nope…that’s just Gilroy. YUMMY!! I remember watching something on the Travel Channel (I think) about Gilroy and their garlic festival and some guy was saying how Gilroy is a great place you just have get used to the slight garlic smell...there is nothing SLIGHT about it, and it's not just garlic you have to get used to. YUCKY!

On our way out of Cali, maybe about and hour or so from the CA/AZ border we were treated to a beautiful sunset. The pic I’m posting was taken with my phone, so it’s obviously not great, but it’s all I have.

We are glad to be back in Arizona. Southern AZ has gorgeous weather this time of year. It’s currently about 1:30pm, we have all the doors and windows open in the RV and it’s about 70 degrees in here. PERFECT! We are going to spend the next couple of days cleaning and catching up from our last week or so of almost constant motion.

Hope all is well with all of you