25 December 2005

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree....

Merry Christmas! I don’t really have much to say but wanted to post a pic of our little bitty tree after posting pics of some of the worlds largest trees. Our little tree is only about 18” tall and sits in the back of our RV. A tiny little tree for our tiny little house, which is even lighter now since we are minus an awning!

Bill and I drove back out into the Redwood Forest today. We finished driving the Howland Hill Road that we had started yesterday but were turned around because of a stump that had rotten, fallen, and blocked the road. We were again amazed at the glory and majesty of this area. You just have to experience it to understand. We didn’t take any more pictures today because it was raining and neither of us wanted to get out of the truck, or get the cameras wet.

We did drive out to St. George Bay to try to see the other lighthouse in the area, but the winds were so high that they almost ripped the truck door out of my hand when I tried to get out. That and Bill had to sidestep a couple times because there were gusts strong enough to knock him around. He thought it was pretty funny to watch me try to battle my way through the wind whilst getting knocked around. We didn’t see the lighthouse, too much fog, too much wind…maybe we were in the wrong place…who knows. We did however spend a very short looking while getting blown all over the place. Once we were back in the truck we enjoyed the view of the turbulent ocean crashing on the rocks. There’s just nothing quite as terrifyingly beautiful as a stormy ocean.

That’s all I have for right now, mostly I wanted to post some pics of our little tree…it’s fake!