06 October 2005

Fort Huachuca Museums

September 30th Bill and I drove out to Ft. Huachuca to visit its museums. It was interesting to watch Bill; this is a place he knows well as he was stationed here for several years. We drove around post and he was amazed at how much had changed, the buildings that he used to teach in no longer exist and there are new buildings all over the place. We drove around for awhile and he played tour guide, showing me all the stuff that he used to know, and explaining where things used to be that weren’t there anymore and pointing out all the new stuff and being amazed. He didn’t think it a bad change, but was glad to see that they were working at improving the place.

The museums are pretty cool they are all volunteer operated. When you walk through the main building of the Ft Huachuca Museum, there are points that are either motion or pressure detecting because you’ll walk into a part and it starts talking to you. The first time it happened to me after the entrance I just about jumped out of my skin. The museums tell an interesting story; Ft Huachuca is an amazing place that holds a lot of American history. We didn’t take any pictures in the Annex as they have a sign letting you know that the lighting is dim because of some original documents and whatnot that are on display. We also didn’t take pictures in the Intelligence Museum. All in all it was a fun day just tooling around the Fort with Bill. Afterwards we went to a park in town and just hung out while he reminisced about when he lived there.

On October 1st, we went to the Art in the Park, art festival in Sierra Vista. It was much like any art festival, we did a quick lap of all the vendors, decided not to try to eat there since it was in the upper 90s and I wasn’t excited about trying to balance food while standing, eating, and attracting bugs, so we left. Sunday the 2nd was a laundry and relax day. Monday we cleaned up and got ready to move, we haven’t left the area but on Tuesday the 4th we packed up and moved to a park that doesn’t sit next to the BNSF. So, I slept well last night, better than I have in days, but now our internet is not working…if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Hopefully we’ll get the internet fixed, we have to call the provider, and all will be well in our world again…here’s hoping!


PS - Things I forgot to post about: I saw a real roadrunner for the first time in New Mexico and have seen a couple others since. They are pretty funny, and very fast! Also, we were driving down a road here in AZ, out in the middle of the desert, not a well traveled road and saw so many tarantulas and scorpions crossing the road that we had to keep swerving to avoid hitting them. They were crossing in groups of 15-20, it was incredible to see bugs so big that you could see them crawling while driving past at 60 miles an hour.