02 October 2005

Benson and Then Some

All right, so I’ve been a bit busy the last few days and haven’t updated. So here we go. We left Las Cruces, NM on Tuesday the 27th of September and arrived in Benson, AZ later that afternoon. Setting up was a bit problematic for us, and everything that could have gone wrong did. I guess it’s to be expected that you’ll have days like that but it still sucks. It was stinking hot, well into the upper 90s, no shade, and we couldn’t get the damn RV level. We were listing to one side by about 3+ inches. So, Bill took off to find somewhere that carried leveling blocks because we didn’t have enough of them. He came back awhile later with the largest set of leveling blocks you can buy. By this time we were really crabby, really hot, rather sweaty, and snipping at each other. We hitched back up rolled the RV onto the leveling blocks and we were good, except that our water hose wasn’t long enough….of course. It made it from the RV to the spicket, but was not touching the ground and ended up bending the end that goes into the RV, so we’ve had to buy another hose….of course! Fabulous, several more lessons learned! All that aside we thought everything would be fine now that we were set up, until we went to bed that night and realized that the BNSF runs practically through our bedroom, every 20min, ALL night long. Boy do they like to lay on the whistles! So, Bill only got about 3 hours sleep that night, which made him Prince Charming the next day. I of course of was Little Miss Perfect to Get Along With as well.

Ok, enough of that, it’s in the past. The first day we were here we spent cleaning and straightening the RV, inside and out. Not terribly eventful. Thursday the 29th we went into Tombstone, and that was eventful and a lot of fun. It’s really awesome to see how they’ve kept so many of the buildings the same as they were in the 1800s. You can go into them and see how old they really are, these aren’t buildings that have been restored with new materials (well maybe in places), and these are the original materials from the 1800s. Probably the best place to see this is in the Birdcage Theatre. Here they have set it up as a museum and kept as much as possible the same. They have covered the walls with glass or Plexiglas to preserve what’s left of the wood and wallpaper. It’s really incredible, if these walls could talk.

Bill and I did the touristy thing and watched the Gun Fight at the OK Corral. It was fun, they shoot blanks, but it’s still loud and I jumped several times. The museums they have that explain the history of Tombstone are well worth a look also, if you make it there. We are hoping to still be in the area or Helldorado Days happening mid to late October.

That about wraps it up for Tombstone; you really have to experience it. A lot of the shopkeepers dress in period clothing and it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. It’s hard to not want to get all dressed up and play along, or maybe I’m just that brand of geek.

One last thing, leave it to Bill to find something to do with Football in Tombstone.

Hugs till next time~