13 October 2007

Las Cruces for Awhile

Well, here we are in Las Cruces, NM. We will be here for about 6months. I haven’t loaded any NM pictures yet, but did snap a few as we were driving through southern AZ. These are rock formations that are just south of Benson, AZ along I-10. We’ve driven past them countless times, and always said we should stop to take pictures, but never do. I figured I’d give it a shot out of the truck window at 70 mph. Only a couple of them turned out, most of them were blurry. At least I tried.

This post will be a short one, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting settled into the area and into the park. I’ve been busy getting ready for the farmers and crafts market here in town, there was a lot of paper-work stuff to do, now I need to concentrate on building inventory and variety. For now that will be my sole purpose in life, build inventory and variety to sell at the market.

Other than that it’s been pretty relaxing. Bill snapped some shots of our view last night, but I haven’t downloaded them yet so I have no clue if they turned out or not. We are backed up to a view of the Organ Pipe Mountains and they sure are pretty when the sun is setting, they glow pink and orange, it’s beautiful. I’ll have Bill keep trying to take pictures until we get some really nice ones, especially with his camera.

Gotta run for now, I have work to do.


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