29 September 2007

What Happens in Vegas can Stay in Vegas

We left Cedar City, UT on Monday the 21st. The drive through southern Utah is really pretty, very scenic, it’s hard not to just keep shooting and not really watch the road at all. I wasn’t driving, but I’m still the second set of eyes for things like deer and elk. Being that it’s fall and the rut is in full swing, watching out for animals as big as your truck is a good thing. The original plan was to drive from Cedar City to Vegas, stay an overnight in Vegas and do some touristy crap, then head into Arizona. Here is a picture of Bill and I in the truck, doing what we do. I of course had to include the Hula Girl, she's been neglected lately.

The drive to Vegas was harder than we thought it would be as they had Hwy93 closed to anything larger than a car over the Hoover Dam for construction. Bummer, Bill thought maybe we could fake it and claim ignorance until we passed the big sign with a picture of a truck pulling a travel trailer and big red circle and bar through it. That pretty sums it up. Not only was the drive hard and hard on the truck, with steep upgrades for 20miles at a time, once we arrived in Vegas it became clear this wasn’t a place for us.

We had to gas up at a truck stop before trying to continue. What madness! Getting into the truck stop was hard enough, but getting out was practically impossible. They shuffle the car and RV traffic to a different entrance than the trucks, and you have to try to get out the same way across 4 lanes of traffic with no suicide lane at a major intersection with freeway ramps…AWESOME! Who ever thought up that slice of heaven shouldn’t be allowed to breed, we don’t need more stupid people in this world.

After gassing up and having to drive down the road several miles before finding somewhere safe to turn around with 45 combined feet worth of vehicle, we started heading back to the highway. I’m hoping that by the pictures of Vegas that I’m posting most people who know us understand why we decided to skip this place. This is to say nothing about the RV park (I'll leave it unnamed) that wanted to charge us $60 a night to stay there. Oh, that includes the $8 charge per night for not having a reservation. If we ever decide to 'do' Vegas, it will be cheaper for us to get on board with a travel deal. Cheap air-fare, hotel, etc. I understand that The Strip is probably pretty cool, the Bellagio Fountain is beautiful, and it would be fun to say I played the slots in Vegas. However, my sanity and quality of life are far more important to me than the novelty that is Vegas. Nope, what happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas, I have no desire to be a part of it. We don’t drink, we don’t smoke, we don’t party, we don’t gamble, that pretty much makes Vegas nothing more than a novelty for us, and we don’t need it.

We pushed through Vegas and headed for Arizona. We arrived in Kingman, AZ that same day (the 21st) and set down for a couple of days. I’ll post about that later.


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