16 October 2006

Rocky Signing

The beginning of October kept us in Pennsylvania. Although we returned to Pennsylvania for not particularly happy reasons, we had the opportunity to meet and greet Rocky Blier.

We attended a signing with Bill’s friend that had Levon Kirkland, Rocky Blier, Dermonti Dawson, and others.

Let me just say that Levon Kirkland is a HUGE man. I’m not a small person, but I felt tiny next to him. I put my arm around his back and it only barely reached half way across to his spine. He is a LARGE individual. He’s also very nice, and very soft spoken.

It was fun to have Rocky sign some stuff and to see his Super Bowl rings. He’s a very nice man and the kind of guy that would likely just sit and chat for awhile if he didn’t have a line of people waiting to sign things.

We didn’t stand in line to have Dermonti Dawson sign stuff, it was getting to be a long day and we were all tired. All in all it was fun, not something I would be likely to do often, but a novelty that not everyone gets to do.

We are still in Pennsylvania currently, we’re not sure how much longer we’ll be here. The cold weather is coming and our little house just isn’t built for cold weather, so we’ll have to go soon.

Stay tuned