17 June 2006

Last Day in the Badlands

The 15th of June brought our last full day in the Badlands. It was beautiful, peaceful, and a little sad all at the same time. I didn’t expect the Badlands to be as much as they were. It was far more expansive than I had anticipated. Also, it was never the same experience twice and we went into the park at least once a day if not several times in one day.

The last day we saw more bighorn sheep, this time a mom and babies sitting on a ridge. They are very hard to see since their fur is almost the exact color of the rock when it’s in shadow.

Further along on our way out of the park we came across a whole family of deer wandering along the top of one of the peaks. There were probably 6-8 of them all in a row, moving a little bit at a time carefully navigating the dangerous ground. This last day was the sheep and deer's day to show themselves in the park.

We returned home, had dinner, and started the process of the night before moving day. In the morning (the 16th) we finished packing up and drove the almost 4 hours to the park we are currently staying at which sits at the base of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

We will be here until Monday then we move into Montana. I have pictures from yesterday when we arrived that I’ll share in the next post, later today or early tomorrow.