28 April 2006

Niagra Falls

From the 17th to the 25th we were in Westfield, NY. The park we were staying at was about 200-300 yards from the shore of Lake Erie. It was very pretty and very peaceful. We didn’t do a ton of stuff while we were in the area, drove around a lot to see the area and took a day to go up to Niagra Falls.

Niagra Falls is beautiful for it shear size and power. But I have to say that the development all around it kind of messes it up. Just my opinion, I prefer to see things like in their natural settings, not in the middle of a city.

While at the Falls we took a trip on the Maid of the Mist from the Canadian side (they have it on both sides now, but the Canadian side still seems to move more boats). This was probably the coolest thing we did at the Falls. Our captain took us straight into the horseshoe and sat us in there for a few minutes…it’s really wet and pretty cold. I don’t know for sure but it looks and seems like they run full-boar into the horseshoe falls, but the power of the water coming out of their doesn’t let them get all the way in. It’s pretty awe-inspiring to sit there and get chucked around in those boats.

After that we took the Journey Under the Falls walk, this wasn’t nearly as cool as the Maid of the Mist, but they also still had the lower deck closed for the winter, so maybe that would have made it better. The thing about the Journey that’s cool is the sound of the falls, you are walking in concrete hallways that have to be like 6 feet thick or something like that and all you hear is the thunder from the falls, it’s impressive.

We had a fun day the Falls I actually preferred the look of the American Falls better than the Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls, because you can see more of it. Horseshoe Falls puts off so much mist that you can’t really see the entire falls.

The Falls are beautiful and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to see them and so is Hi’iaka. She just wants to remind everyone to be safe and not to try to float over the falls; it’s both illegal and deadly.

That’s about it for now. The rest of our week in NY was spent driving the beautiful countryside and eating ice cream at a little stand we found that has excellent ice cream. We had to limit ourselves to only going twice lest we get really fat.

One bummer is that we have to skip the trip into the New England states. Between the rising gas prices, the RV parks up there not having what we need and still being affordable, and the time limit we were on to be back in PA for Bill’s grandmother’s birthday, we were looking at spending between $2000-3000.00 in a 17 day period….how about NO! That’s just way to expensive for us to rationalize, so New England will have to wait…again….strike two!

So, we are currently in PA now getting ready for Steeler’s Fan Blitz tomorrow. That should be a ton of fun and we’ll hopefully have some good pictures from it.