30 March 2006

Museums Everywhere

On Tuesday the 21st we woke up to snow….happy Spring! It wasn’t that much snow and it was actually really pretty. I was hoping for more because I like to look at it, but we only got a little bit of snow with a whole lot of cold. We spent Tuesday close by home and visited the Civil War Soldier Life Museum. A neat little place ran as a ‘mom n pop’ shop that was worth $4 to visit. (http://civilwar-life.com/) That and grocery shopping was all we did that day…oh, and it was cold!

Wednesday the 22nd we drove into DC and toured the Natural History Museum and the National Museum of American History. Both of these museums were really cool. It is a shame (and we’ve seen this everywhere we’ve gone, not just in DC) that people allow their kids to run around like wild animals in public places. I can’t tell you how many unsupervised children I saw (and was ran over by) in these museums, I remember when I was a child that there were rules about how you behaved in places like that. Ok, done with my rant for now. My favorite display in the Natural History Museum was the Gems and Minerals and of course being able to see the Hope Diamond. As for the National Museum of American History, there are two displays that I can’t decide between for favorite. They have on display the restoration of the American Flag that inspired the writing of our National Anthem , and an exhibit called The Price of Freedom: American’s at War. Both of these displays/exhibits really just took my breath away.

The Smithsonian Museums in DC are all free to get into, I guess they figure that driving and parking in DC is payment enough.

That’s all I have for now, we’ve done a ton of stuff in the last week or so and I’m trying to chip away at it a couple things at a time to get them posted.