16 March 2006

Brookgreen Gardens Part 1

On Monday the 13th we visited the Brookgreen Gardens just outside Myrtle Beach, SC. (http://www.brookgreen.org/index2.html These gardens are absolutely amazing. Brookgreen sits on over 9000 acres that used to be several different plantations. The Sculpture gardens are just that, full of sculptures at every turn. There is no way for me to possibly share all the photos of all the sculptures that we took and we only took pictures of a fraction of the stuff there. We spent over three hours just walking around the sculpture gardens and had to go back another day to check out the zoo area, which I will post about later. I’m going to have a hard enough time keeping this shorter than a novel.

I really enjoyed the entire garden, and the Children’s Garden is no different. It was fun to wander through the smaller, stone lined, trails of the Children’s garden and see the sculptures they have in that section.

And of course I had to take the opportunity to be a dork while in the gardens. We were wandering through the gardens looking at sculptures at every turn, and then we happen upon this base with no statue, so I jumped up on it and had Bill snap a quick shot. I showed it to a friend of mine who made the comment “huh…I don’t even see any pigeon poop.’ There were no pigeons at Brookgreen, massive amounts of vultures and turkey vultures, some hawks and other misc raptors, but no pigeons, the Alligators probably ate them, but that’s a story for the next post. However there is nothing wrong with the lizard population at Brookgreen, these guys were everywhere. The picture of the guy with the pinkish sac under his head is what we believe is a male, there were smaller brown lizards around him that we think he was trying to impress...boys are funny!

Along one of the outer trails Bill snapped this picture and I wanted to share it because he really liked the way it turned out. It was a cool statue, life-size and the water pool that she stands in was pitch black, looked like liquid obsidian. The other one is of St. Something’s (can’t remember) Triad. I really like the juxtaposition of the geometric shapes with the human form, very appealing.

Geez, there are still so many images I want to share of Brookgreen but there just isn’t room, I could make a book out of them, except that they don’t allow that. There are signs all over their welcome center that say photography for commercial purposes if prohibited. One funny bit, on one of the last trails we walked was a large sculpture surrounded by ponds and flowerbeds, very pretty. On the bank of the ponds were turtles, they all had their heads out and they all looked the same, so I said, “Look, they even have turtle statues.”…then they moved. Those turtles are crazy; don’t they know they are swimming in Alligator infested waters? Oh well…all part of the circle of life.

That’s all for now, maybe later I’ll put up a post of nothing but more pics from Brookgreen. I’ll also be posting about the Full Moon over the Atlantic, and our second trip to Brookgreen later. Currently we are on the road, heading to Virginia. I likely won’t get this posted until later tonight once we are there and set up.