13 February 2006


Ok, so we’re not laughing anymore, it was in the 60s+ when we arrived in the Pensacola area and has since dropped to the 40s-50s and gets down into the 20s at night…what the hell? I didn’t come to Florida to freeze my butt off, this just isn’t right. The good news is that it’s supposed to get back up to the 70s by the end of the week. Ok, so enough of my whining that it’s cold in Florida, the last several days that we’ve been here we’ve been playing catch up, catch up on doing the taxes, catch up on cleaning the house, catch up on getting our mail, catch up on life in general.

Today was the first day that we did something more than run errands, we drove into Pensacola and went to the National Museum of Naval Aviation at the Naval Air station Pensacola. What an amazing museum, this is by far one of the best museums I’ve been to…ever. http://www.naval-air.org/home.html Pensacola is referred to as the Cradle of Naval Aviation; it’s also the home of the Blue Angels. I don’t know if I have words for the museum, it’s just such a cool place. We would have pictures but we didn’t notice that the battery in the camera was dead until we got there, no worries, we are going back and will get pictures then.

It’s tough to choose, but if I had to I’d say my favorite part, or at least the part that first blew me away, was the underwater exhibit. http://www.naval-air.org/exhibits/underwater.html It’s not really underwater, but you walk into a room that’s lit to make you feel like you’re underwater and the planes are set up like you would view them on the lake floor. The display is of planes that were found at the bottom of lake Michigan. The South Pacific and Prisoner of War displays are close runners up for well done.

After tooling around the museum for a couple hours we watched the Fighter Pilot Imax show then tried to leave, I say tried because we were stopped by a reporter for a local paper wanting our (meaning Bill’s, he didn’t seem to have much interest in my opinion once he found out Bill was a Vet) opinion on his ‘hot topic’ for the week. Long story short, Bill talked to the guy, gave a quote and we were on our way.

We plan on going back and taking the guided tour and maybe watching the other Imax show they have Flying With the Angels (or something like that). The museum and the tours are free…we only have to pay for the Imax shows.

That’s all for now