30 January 2006

Leaving Las Cruces

Las Cruces, NM. We arrived here on the 26th and are leaving again today, the 30th. Actually we left today, we are currently on the road heading to San Antonio, TX. It’s a long drive from Las Cruces to San Antonia, probably between 8-10 hours with the RV.

Mostly we’ve been relaxing, riding our bikes and stuff like that. We went to Fort Selden day before yesterday and toured their museum and the ruins there. http://www.nmmonuments.org/about.php?_instid=SELD There isn’t a large photographic account of the Fort, there are some pictures that say, “we think it might have looked something like this” and it would be a picture of another Fort. We didn’t take the cameras with us…so there are no pictures from us either. It’s an interesting place, but not as well kept as some of the places we’ve been.

Other than that we didn’t really do much. On Saturday we drove out to the Farmer’s and Craft’s Fair, it was ok…fairly small. I did buy a couple CDs of a guitarist named David Valenzuela (http://www.davidvalenzuela.com/), if you like Latin guitar music; you’ll like his stuff. I particularly recommend his CD ‘Latin Moods’…it’s good. I have no clue if he sells his CDs online or not because I’ve never been to his website.

So that’s about it, we hit the road this morning around 9am and have a long and boring drive to look forward to. We’ve never been this route before, we’ve only been as far east on I-10 as El Paso…so we are on an adventure, and we are currently driving past UTEP on our left side and Juarez, Mexico on the other. It’s currently about 9:30 in the morning; it will likely be really late before I get a chance to post this, or maybe even tomorrow if I forget.

So there it is, we’ve left Las Cruces and are heading for San Antonio, TX.


PS – It’s now 8:30pm and we just got here and are about half done setting down. After the 10 hour drive here I’ve renamed Texas, it’s no longer The Lone Star State, it will, from here on be referred to as The Roadkill State. I have never in my life seen so many dead deer on one stretch of highway, we counted between 50-100 dead dear on the I-10 from the state line to here…crazy. And that’s not saying anything about all the dead bunnies. These people should be ashamed of themselves!