21 October 2005

More Insanity

Today is October 22nd and we’ve been back in Oregon since the 19th. Things just got too crazy to deal with anymore. The night before my birthday I didn’t sleep well because of this cold I have, and therefore Bill didn’t sleep well either. We woke up in the morning and the heater in our RV was broken. Apparently the severe thunder/lightening/hail storms that were blowing the rain sideways blew it right into the ventilated cover that has all the electronics for our heater in it…fried….sweet! So it’s cold, we have no heat, and I’m sick…wonderful!! The repair guy can’t get to us until noon, so I bundle up and wait. He shows up, says he doesn’t have the part and he’ll be back in a bit when he gets it. Three hours later he comes back, I’m a Popsicle. I’ve been on the phone with the warranty people and they just need to chat with the repair guy to get his info so they can cover us. Turns out they can’t cover us because this guy isn’t licensed and bonded…wonderful times two!! Whatever, we get the heater fixed and we get a refund on our spot because there are now not only severe storm warnings, but tornado warnings to the west of us…does it get any better than that? Tornados…in the desert! So we hit the road around 5pm on the 18th, that’s right, happy birthday to me. We drive for 16 straight hours that puts us just north of Sacramento, CA. We pull into a Wal-Mart and sleep for about 2+ hours until I’m woken up by the sound of people and the fact that my throat hurts really bad and I’ve lost my voice, terrific!! Go into Wal-Mart, load up on cough medicine, cough drops, and zinc lozenges and hit the road again. We stopped in Redding for lunch, and then cruised all the way, up hill at 40 MPH, to Coos Bay, OR. Got to the KOA in Coos Bay around 10pm the 19th. Backed in, stayed hitched, microwaved some dinner then went to bed. Woke up at 9am and our alarm clock was some jackwad revving the engine of ATV right next door…guess where we’re NOT staying. So, we packed up (wasn’t hard since we didn’t really set down) and headed to another park about 10miles farther north. This place ROCKS!! The park we are at now sits right on a lake and we have a back up spot that looks out onto the lake and the hills, it’s really one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Last night was quiet and peaceful and I slept like a log. We are glad to be in this park; the only downside is that they don’t have wireless internet and only one high-speed port in the entire park. You can pay for dial-up at your site, but the lines are often busy. We are finding ways to get around that and hopefully that won’t be prohibitive for us staying here.

That’s all for now. It’s been a crazy ride, and we’re hoping that things will calm down a bit now.