13 October 2005

Just an Update

Things in the blog might get a little slow now and then. We are currently in a place that we really like and will likely be here for a week or two or three. We will still be seeing sights, but we might actually take time to relax as well. It's chilly here right now, highs in the low 60s and the lows at night get down to 40 or below. We are planning on staying long enough to enjoy it, but not long enough to get snow. Not that we don't like snow, but it would not be a great thing to have to deal with in a light weight RV, or have to pull this thing through.

My body is now actually adjusting to the fact that it is fall. When we were in southern AZ, and it was still in the upper 90s, I would see Halloween stuff and it seemed foreign, like it shouldn't be there. But now that we are somewhere cooler and there are acutally leafy trees that are changing color and the smell of wood stoves burning...now I think I can make the transition to Fall. My birthday is in 5 days and I'm only now feeling like my body is ready to change seasons. Crazy.

Things are good, mostly. We drove around yesterday trying to find Route 66 (The Mother Road) stuff. We went off on this one road that said it was partly paved and partly red gravel, but was worth the drive because there was supposed to be ruins of old gas stations, motels and restaurants that were 'photo worth'. We drove the whole road and didn't see a damn thing but trees and a roadside sign that might have said something important but someone had spray painted over it...whatever!

We finally got into Historic Downtown Williams that did have some cool Route 66 stuff, but it also had a lot of Route 66 stores that were closed, and not just for the season. All in all it was a disappointing day, but at least we got to see some Route 66 stuff. I don't know what we are going to do to today, maybe just sit and enjoy the cool, sunny day. We'll have to see what happens.