28 August 2005

Museum to Dahntahn

I know I already posted about going to the Carnegie Museum on the 12th, but here is a picture of me in front of a plaster cast of a wooden doorway to a church in Norway that I came across. I don’t remember when or exactly where it is from, and I couldn’t read it off the plaque behind me, oh-well.

On the 21st of August, Bill and I took the entire day to spend downtown. We started by parking centrally in downtown and then walked to several places of interest for me. We started out by going to PPG Place, my favorite buildings in downtown. The courtyard in the middle of the buildings is really cool; we sat here for a bit and watched a pair of boys playing in the fountain. The buildings themselves were the largest all glass buildings of their time when they were built. I think they look like glass castles, which is probably why I like them so much. When in the courtyard, you are surrounded on all sides by the different buildings; all looking like glass castles it’s pretty cool.

After watching the little guys in the fountain, we walked over to Point State Park. The Point is at the junction of the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny rivers. It is also home to the Fort Pitt Museum, the Block House, and the site of Fort Duquesne. If you ever want to learn the history of the French/Indian Wars, visit Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, it’s everywhere you look. When you first walk into Point State Park you can see and walk the original Music Bastion of Fort Pitt. (http://www.fortpittmuseum.com/WelcomePage.html) After you walk into the park they have outlined in stone where the original Fort Pitt stood so you can get an idea of the size and structure of it.

The day we went to the Point was the day of the Annual Firefighter’s Muster. There were engines and firefighters from all over PA as well as surrounding states; there was even an engine from NYC. It was really neat to see all the different engines, especially the antique ones. The best part for me was the Western PA Firefighters Honor Guard. They marched in from across the street and stopped under this bridge to play, the acoustics where amazing, I have it on video. Nothing like bagpipes to give this little girl goose bumps. They then marched all over Point State Park playing all the Armed Services songs and others, it was really something.

After this Bill and I walked across the Stanwix Street Bridge to get to Station Square (home of the wonderful sugar scrubs). Station Square used to be nothing but steel mills that have since been torn down. All over Pittsburgh where old mills used to be they have kept something from each of the mills and incorporated it with what they built there now. I think it’s great that they are trying to preserve some of the proud heritage of this place. Station Square is very cool, the fountain here plays in time with music and they use the blast furnace from an old mill with it. At key points the blast furnace will ‘smoke/steam’. You also get an awesome view of my favorite building from here. While at Station Square we saw one of the new Steelers, probably out getting to know his new city. The new Steeler we saw was number 41, Zack Touiasasopo, who happens to be from Woodinville, WA…my home state. And for those of you who know my family, know the story behind that, and those of you who don’t…too bad. We didn’t bother Zack, or even take a picture; we just left him alone and went about our business.

After spending some time at Station Square and seeing Zack Touiasasopo (spelling?? Sorry Zack if I butchered it) Bill and I walked back across the bridge, back to the truck, and went home for the evening.

I know that Bill has had a hard time coming home with so many changes, but I’ve really enjoyed my time in Pittsburgh.