21 August 2005

More Stuff About da Burgh

Ok…things I remembered that I wanted to write about but forgot.

1. I saw lightening bugs for the first time in my life; they were cool. Bill keeps laughing at me because I have to go outside to watch for bugs.

2. There are butterflies here the size of my head, and they are everywhere! We also have bats at our RV Park, but that’s not weird, we have those out west too.

3. I now understand why the Arizona DRY heat isn’t that bad, because the heat here with humidity…sucks. It’s hard to breathe, and it wipes you out.

4. They have crickets and cicadas in the city that are so loud you can hear them with the truck windows rolled up and the AC on, they hum in waves, it’s strange.

5. I saw a kid with a mullet, some parents are so cruel.

6. I refuse to drive here, I don’t care, I’m not getting behind the wheel of a car here, these people are insane! I told Bill that he never again gets to make fun of Seattle drivers…not ever!

7. I can’t remember if I already wrote about this or not, but watching the sun drop out of the sky as a big orange ball that I can look right at and not have it even leave spots in my eyes just isn’t right.

Ok, I think that’s about it for things that I’ve forgotten to write about. We just sat through two waves of really intense thunderstorms. With the first waves came golf ball sized hail that, lucky for us, did not break through the roof of our ultralite trailer…whoohoo! There was some incredible lightening and thunder that shook our RV, the rain was crazy too, came down in sheets. The second wave was more lightening and thunder and rain, but skipped the huge hail, which was just fine with me, that was a little humbling. So we continue our trip with more crazy weather and where as we weren’t moving for this round, we still survived it, although we don’t currently have power. We are lucky to be in an RV since we have battery power to run the lights (but anything plugged in doesn’t work, neither does our AC, let's hope they get the power back up soon) and if we need to cook our stove and oven run off propane as well as our refrigerator. So we’re good to go and even though we aren’t able to watch the Steeler’s game that’s on right now, we have the radio on which also runs off battery power.

I think I’ll leave it at that for now, hopefully soon I’ll be able to post this, but I have to wait until power is restored to the park since the wireless router won’t be up and going again until then.


PS - I'm posting this from a local Krispy Kreme that has free wi-fi internet. I've just had my first Hot donut experience...mmm...hot donuts!