08 August 2005

Canton and Dahntahn

Wednesday August 3rd was an early wake up for Bill and I. We were up, ready, and out the door by about 7:30am heading to Canton, Ohio (about 3+ hour drive) to go see the National Football Hall of Fame. http://www.profootballhof.com/We got there at about 10:30am and started out way up and into the Hall. It’s a really cool place, especially for football fans. Football and its history have a special for Bill, as his Great Grandfather was one of the first professional football players in recorded history. It was fun to see the stuff at the Hall of Fame about Bill’s great granddad. We got as far as the room with all the busts in it when a gentleman from the Hall ushered us all out of the room and out of the building saying they were having an ‘incident’ and needed us all to leave the building as quickly and calmly as possible. We got outside and congregated under some tents they were setting up for the Hall of Fame weekend, and preceded to wait under the watchful eye of the Canton Fire Dept. After awhile they had us move even farther back and pushed us completely off the grounds, at this point Bill and I decided to leave and go get lunch since there were rumors milling among the crowd about a bomb search. Since that would take awhile, and it was stinkin hot, we went and had lunch…took out time…came back and by that time they were letting people back in, we showed our receipt and were let back in with no issues. We continued on past what we had already seen and made our way through the rest of the Hall without issue. The Hall has some wonderful displays commemorating the players who have also served our country. It was really a lot of fun, bomb scare aside, and I look forward to any chances I may get to go back. And the story wouldn’t be nearly as fun to tell without the added bit about being evacuated for a bomb threat.

After the Hall of Fame, Bill and I drove back into Pittsburgh and had some time to tool around a bit. We went to the strip, but most everything was closed by the time we got there…but not Primanti Bros. (http://www.primantibros.com/) The Travel Channel deemed Primanti Bros on of the Top Ten Places to Pig Out and they weren’t kidding. I had one of their famed sandwiches with everything on it (including your fries and coleslaw) and it was delicious! As a matter of fact, all the food here is delicious and it’s going to be nothing short of miracle if I get out of this state without gaining weight. Primanti Bros is something you can’t really appreciate until you try it, so if you are ever in Pittsburgh, stop by The Strip and eat at Primanti Bros, bring cash, it’s all they take, you won’t be disappointed.

After cramming the Primanti Bros sandwich down my business (I finished the whole thing, I haven’t been eating with lineman for last 6 years for nothing), Bill took me up one of the two inclines in the city. (http://incline.pghfree.net/) The Duquesne Incline has been around since god was a boy, but still works. It’s partly wooden, partly steel, very creaky, and I made the mistake of looking down…stupid. Other than that, it provides a beautiful view of the city. We got off at the top for a bit to take pics of the skyline. The glass building with the pointy tops is my favorite building; it looks like something out of fairy tale. It’s the PPG Place building, and is absolutely beautiful in person.

After all of this we drove around the city and it’s outlying areas for awhile. Bill was blown away by how much had changed in the 6+ years he’s been away. When he left, the Steel Mills where still standing, they have since been torn down (with part of them left behind as memorials) and replaced with housing developments and shopping centers. They’ve also redone large portions of the waterfront, not to mention the fact that Three Rivers Stadium was still standing when Bill left, that has since been demolished for Heinz Field to take its place.

Amidst all the change Bill and I are having a good time, I especially am having a good time exploring this place where Bill grew up.


Ps - Dahntahn = Downtown